Stockman & Sharpe's (2000) photopigment template

Template equation

    The common or average template for the three logarithmic photopigment optical density spectra, log10[A(x)], for the log wavelength scale is:




where x is log10(nm), a = -188862.970810906644, b = 90228.966712600282, c = -2483.531554344362, d = -6675.007923501414, e = 1813.525992411163,  f = -215.177888526334, g = 12.487558618387, and h = -0.289541500599.


    The template was derived iteratively by aligning the S-cone and M-cone photopigment with the L-cone photopigment spectra and then finding the best-fitting polynomial to describe the aligned spectra. The mean template has a λmax of 558.0 nm.


    For other λmax values the template should be shifted along a log wavelength scale. In general, then:
λ) - log10(λmax/558).


    The λmax values of the fitted templates that best fits the original Stockman and Sharpe (2000) S-, M- and L-cone photopigment spectra are 420.7, 530.3 and 558.9 nm for the S-, M- and L-cones, respectively;


    The above equation produces a fixed template shape on a log wavelength, log frequency, or normalized frequency scalein accordance with Mansfield's (1985) proposal.  See also Lamb (1995) and Stockman and Sharpe (2000) for further details.



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