Smoothed Vos, Estévez & Walraven (1990) cone fundamentals

Data key



  1. Wavelength (nm)
  2. log L-cone spectral sensitivity
  3. log M-cone spectral sensitivity
  4. log S-cone spectral sensitivity



    The Vos, Estévez and Walraven cone fundamentals are based on the following transformations




 where ,  and  are the Stiles & Burch (1955) color matching functions.

 Data from Table 1 of Vos. Estévez & Walraven (1990).

    The functions have been normalized in the ratio of L:M:S = 0.68:0.34:0.02. They have been "slightly smoothed to remove obvious data noise" (see Vos, Estévez & Walraven, 1990, p. 942).

Click here for information about the unsmoothed functions.


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