Stiles & Burch (1955) 2-deg chromaticity coordinates

Data key


  1. Wavelength (nm)
  2. r(λ) chromaticity coordinate
  3. g(λ) chromaticity coordinate
  4. b(λ) chromaticity coordinate


These chromaticity coordinates are related to the Stiles & Burch (1955) 2-deg CMFs by







where , , and  are the chromaticity coordinates, and ,  and  are the CMFs.

For more details refer to the Stiles & Burch 2 deg CMFs page.


Stiles, W. S. & Burch, J. M. (1955). Interim report to the Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage Zurich, 1955, on the National Physical Laboratory's investigation of colour-matching. Optica Acta, 2, 168-181.

Stiles, W. S. & Burch, J. M. (1959). NPL colour-matching investigation: Final report. Optica Acta, 6, 1-26.