Stiles & Burch (1959) 10-deg chromaticity coordinates

Data key


  1. Wavenumber (cm-1)
  2. Wavelength (nm)
  3. r10(λ) chromaticity coordinate
  4. g10(λ) chromaticity coordinate
  5. b10(λ) chromaticity coordinate


These chromaticity coordinates are related to the Stiles & Burch (1959) 10-deg CMFs by







where , , and  are the chromaticity coordinates, and ,  and  are the CMFs.

For more details refer to the Stiles & Burch 10 deg CMFs page.

The chromaticity coordinates tabulated here are from Table 1(5.5.4) of Wyszecki and Stiles (1982). The chromaticity coordinates calculated directly from the 10 deg CMFs also in Table 1(5.5.4) differ slightly from these values. We suspect that these differences arise because Stiles & Burch calculated the chromaticity coordinates of Table 1(5.5.4) from CMFs of a higher precision than the ones tabulated in Table 1(5.5.4).


Stiles, W. S. & Burch, J. M. (1959). NPL colour-matching investigation: Final report. Optica Acta, 6, 1-26.

Wyszecki, G., & Stiles, W. S. (1982). Color Science: concepts and methods, quantitative data and formulae. (2nd ed.). New York: Wiley.