Judd-modified CIE 2-deg chromaticity coordinates (1951)

Data key


  1. Wavelength (nm)
  2. x(λ) chromaticity coordinate
  3. y(λ) chromaticity coordinate
  4. z(λ) chromaticity coordinate


The Judd-modified chromaticity coordinates are related to the Judd-modified 2-deg XYZ CMFs (CIE, 1932) by








where , , and  are the chromaticity coordinates, and ,  and  are the CMFs.


For more details refer to the Judd-modified 2 deg XYZ CMFs page.


Judd, D. B. (1951). Report of U.S. Secretariat Committee on Colorimetry and Artificial Daylight. In Proceedings of the Twelfth Session of the CIE, Stockholm (vol. 1, pp. 11). Paris: Bureau Central de la CIE.